HWG-03 G1 110W Indoor LED Grow Light

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HWG-03 G1 110W Indoor LED Grow Light
Item No. HWG-03 Lifespan 50,000hours
Power 110W or 156W Input voltage AC85V-265V
LED quantity 52pcs Working time 10-14 hours/day
LED power 2W or 3W Working temperature -20 ℃ -40 ℃
Beam angle 60/90/120 degree Item size 600mm *140mm*60mm
LED brand Epistar Outer box 670mm *200mm*140mm
Case color Black or White Net/Gross weight 3kg /3.52kg
Proportion Red:Blue=7:1:1 or customized

HWG-03 G1 indoor LED grow light is a rectangular one and the length, the width and the height are 600mm, 140mm and 60mm respectively. The light source consists of 52pcs of 2 watt or 3 watt LED. So there are two kinds of power of the product, which are 110W and 156W.The default ratio of red LEDs and blue LEDs is 7 to 1. The beam angle is 60, 90 or 120 degree, which means that the product promotes growth of different plants. The product can be used in any country provided that it is connected to AC power supply with voltage ranging from 85V to 265V. Safety is assured. Without mercury or other hazardous substances, the light meets environmental concerns and won't bring about damage to plant and environment.

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