G2 LED Grow Light

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G2 LED Grow Light
G1 VS G2
Item G1 G2
Driver Non-isolated Isolated
Dimmer N/A Yes
Heat sink N/A Yes
Internal thermal switch N/A Yes
Package Normal Neutral Logo and thicker
Switch Normal With switch and fuse
LED number(pcs ) 120W 55 60
150W 75 75
200W 96 100
250W 120 125
300W 144 150

New features
1. Dimmer is available to tune light intensity.
2. Internal thermal switch protects LEDs well.
3. Isolated power supply ensures safe use of the product.
4. Fully rated LED quantity ensures the product quality.
5. Switch fuse is used to protect whole lamp.

LED grow light utilizes high-power LEDs with high quality as light source. Based on growth law that plant can't grow without sunlight, the product, replacing natural light, provides an appropriate environment for plant growth. Our G2 series product consists of 120W type, 150W type, 200W type, 250W type, 300W type, etc. The product can replenish light needed for plant photosynthesis when the sunshine amount is little or the sunshine time is short. It also promotes formation of plant photoperiod and photomorphogenesis. With operating temperatures ranging from -20℃ to 40℃, the product can be used in any country. Customized light source is available and the ratio between red LEDs and blue LEDs can be decided by customers to boost plant growth better.

HIGHWAY Lighting is a professional G2 LED grow light manufacturer and supplier in China. Our company provides a variety of products, including 14W SMD LED grow light, 300W indoor LED grow light, 75W LED aquarium tank light, and more.

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