HWG-G3-300 G3 300W Indoor LED Grow Light

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HWG-G3-300 G3 300W Indoor LED Grow Light
Item No. HWG-G3-300 Lifespan 50,000hours
Power 300W Input voltage AC85V-265V
LED quantity 63pcs Working time 10-14 hours/day
LED power 5W Working temperature -20 ℃ -40 ℃
Beam angle 60/90/120 degree Item size 440mm *280mm*70mm
LED brand Epistar Outer box 560mm *350mm*270mm(2pcs)
Case color Black or White Net/Gross weight 5.46kg /13.4kg(2pcs)
Proportion Red:Blue=7:1:1 or customized

1.5 watt LED chips are used to be light source and the light spectrum is tunable.
2.The product owns 3 sets multi-band spectrum dimmer with patent, so light intensity is dimmable.

Dimmer LED(pcs) Power range(W) Color Application
Basic 40 0-200 Red/Blue/White Whole Growing period
Vegetable 11.5 0-57.5 Blue/Orange/UV Vegetation Period
Bloom 11.5 0-57.5 Red/IR Bloom Period

HWG-G3-300 indoor LED grow light can replace 600W MH grow light, saving 50%-75% electricity. The light source consists of 63pcs of 5 watt LED and it achieves higher luminescent efficiency and less heat. The product is designed with CT patent and SPC technology. Any single LED's failure does not affect the whole light. SSP technology, lighting-proof and surge-proof are applied in the power supply. Isolated power supply, built-in thermal switch and switch fuse are used to protect the product. LED's lifespan reaches up to 50,000 hours. Plug and Play with wide voltage range from AC 85V-265V is available. Without harmful substance like HPS or MH and hazardous waste, the light is environment friendly. DIY maintenance is available for standard connector used.

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