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G3 LED Grow Light

G3 LED grow light is a new style product and is more practical. Compared with regular illumination device, it emits gentler ray and won't burn seedlings. It saves a lot of electricity. What is necessary for photosynthesis of plants is ray with wavelength ranging from 400nm to 700nm. The ray emitted by the product is red and blue. Red light with wavelength ranging from 610nm to 720nm and blue light with wavelength from 400nm to 500nm contribute the most to photosynthesis of plant. With appropriate ratio of light color, the product promotes growth of leaves and rhizome and synthesis of protein. Extending the flowering phase of plants, the product is beneficial to flowering and fruiting thereby improving yield.

Now, G3 series product includes G3 36W tube type and G3 300W indoor type. Default ratios between red light and blue light of these two types are all 7 to 1. Also, the ratio can be customized. G3 36W tube type is a long strip. It consists of 72pcs of 0.5 watt LED and its waterproof rate is IP65. G3 300W indoor type is rectangular and uses 5 watt LEDs. The grow light is designed with our patent technology. Power, light color and illumination intensity of our product are adjustable based on growth cycle and different plants.

As a China-based G3 LED grow light manufacturer and supplier, We offers a broad range of products, including 14W SMD LED grow light, 200W LED plant grow light, 200W waterproof LED plant light, and more.

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