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LED grow light features best quality, high efficiency. The light is a patented product, whose patent number is ZL.2011 2 0096328.X and ZL.2011 2 0112803.8. Compared to MH grow light, the product provides greater illumination effect. It saves 50%-75% electricity, which means that the product manages to save energy and reduce carbon footprint by a remarkable degree. Unlike HPS and MH, the product is a clean light source without harmful composition. Thanks to standard connectors used, it is easy to assemble and maintain the product. Even beyond warranty period, DIY is possible.

Designed with special beam angle, the LED grow light is a perfect option for plant healthy growth. Thanks to Japanese standard driver and isolated design, the product achieves powerful performance, reliability and safety. With the help of SSP technology, the power is lightning-proof and surge current-proof. As a result, customers don't need to worry about lightning and power shocking. CT SPC technology guarantees the stability of light and any single LED's failure will not affect the others. Advanced and efficient heat dissipation design ensures low LED temperature, which can be tested, thus obtaining low light decay and cost saving for customers.

Special attentions should be paid to some rules. First, the light is for indoor use only. To avoid product damage, don't use the product in dripping water or dripping irrigation place. The product should be used in ventilated environment to ensure its higher performance. Different lighting time depends on different plants. Don't look the product directly without wearing sunglasses when it is working. For safety, power socket should be wired to the grounding earth.

We is an experienced LED grow light manufacturer in China. Our company provides a wide range of products, including LED plant light, 200W LED aquarium light, G3 300W indoor LED grow light, and more.

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