HWG-10AQ G1 120W LED Aquarium Light

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HWG-10AQ G1 120W LED Aquarium Light
Item No. HWG-10AQ Lifespan 50,000h
Power 120W or 165W Input voltage AC85V-265V
LED quantity 55pcs Working time 10-14 hours/day
LED power 2W or 3W Working temperature -20 ℃ -40 ℃
Beam angle 60/90/120 degree Item size 400mm *212mm*62mm
LED brand Epistar Outer box 490mm *310mm*490mm(4pcs)
Case color Black or White Net/Gross weight 3.5kg /4.2kg/17kg(4pcs)
Proportion White:Blue=1:1 or decided by customer

HWG-10AQ G1 120W LED aquarium light improves water quality by a considerable degree. Meantime, it has an impact on decomposition of organics and extraction of hazardous substances, thus preventing production of insects and disease and algae. The product plays an important role in modern aquaculture. The light source is made up of 2 watt or 3 watt LEDs from Epistar. The ratio between white LEDs and blue LEDs is 1 to 1. The beam angle can be adjusted to 60, 90 or 120 degree. The light is rectangular and it has two kinds of cover for customers to choose, which are white and black.

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