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G1 LED aquarium light includes 10W type, 20W type, 50Wtype, 90W type, 110W type, 120W type, 150W type and 300W type. High-power LED chips from Epistar are used to be the light source of G1 LED series product. White light not only provides an excellent lighting effect, but also promotes growth of underwater aquatic plants. Exposed to blue light, ordinary water looks like seawater. Meanwhile, blue light helps coral and shrimp with absorption of composite nutrient substances. G1 LED series light provides aesthetic enjoyment and illumination in many occasions such as aquariums and fishponds. The product succeeds in improving yield for farmers. All of our products feature reliable quality and lifespan of 50,000 hours. They can work continuously for more than 10 hours every day. Welcome to contact us for purchase.

We are a professional G1 LED aquarium light manufacturer, based in China. We also provide 15W LED grow light, 300W indoor LED plant light, 150W LED aquarium light & aluminum lighting fixture, 200W waterproof LED plant light, and much more.

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