G2 200W LED Aquarium Light

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G2 200W LED Aquarium Light
Item No. HWG-07AQ Lifespan 50,000hours
Power 200W Input voltage AC85V-265V
LED quantity 80pcs Working time 10-14 hours/day
LED power 2.5w Working temperature -20 ℃ -40 ℃
Beam angle 60/90/120 degree Item size 800mm *190mm*70mm
LED brand Epistar Outer box 850mm *250mm*140mm
Case color Black Net/Gross weight 4.2kg /5.2kg
Proportion Blue:white=1:1 or decided by customer

80pcs 2.5 watt LEDs constitute the light source of G2 200W LED aquarium light. The number of white LEDs is equal to that of blue LEDs. Four supporting feet at the bottom make it convenient to install and fix the light. Besides, brackets, matched with the product, are available for supporting the lamp body. Just by connecting to voltage raging from AC85V to 265V, the product works normally. It is simple and safe.

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