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G2 LED Aquarium Light

With LEDs as light source, G2 LED aquarium light is a perfect choice for marine life and coral. It provides appropriate light spectrum for fish. By day, the product takes place of sunlight while at night it simulates moon lighting to create shimmering effect for coral, fish and reefs.

High quality material, strict quality control system and safety design ensure high quality of the product. With patented SPC Technology, the whole lamp works normally despite of any single LED failure. Thanks to SSP technology, the power is lightning-proof and surge current-proof. Specially designed with aluminium PCB, the product has an excellent heat dissipation system and LED maintenance is easy. High quality housing of the product features salt corrosion resistance. Dimmers and switches are available to adjust illumination intensity. External timer can be provided upon request.

The product can be applied for aquarium tanks which are connected by means of daisy chain. The light achieves the same functionality as 600W MH aquarium type and it saves 60 % to 80% electricity. LED lifespan reaches 50,000 hours, which is at least 10 times of that of MH or CFL. The product works by connecting directly into AC85-265V power socket and it works together with various kinds of plugs. Unlike HPS and MH, the product doesn't produce harmful substance and results in no pollution.

1. The LED aquarium light is for indoor use only.
2. To avoid damage, lighting unit must not get wet.
3. Don't look the light directly without wearing sunglasses when it is working.
4. Power socket should be wired to the grounding earth.
5. The product should be used in ventilated environment.

As an experienced G2 LED aquarium light manufacturer and supplier in China, We offers a variety of products that includes 90W UFO LED aquarium light, 15W LED grow light, 300W greenhouse LED plant light and more.

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