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Our company produces LPS and SPS LED aquarium light which are cold light sources specially designed for tanks.The product is used to simulate illumination effect from sunrise to sunset. It is able to impose a shimmering effect on corals, reefs and fishes. Replacing sunlight, the lamp creates an appropriate environment for growth of aquatic plants and animals. The product can make use of different colors light sources. Super white light ray emitted from white light source makes water transparent, clear and boosts photosynthesis, growth as well as development of aquatic plants. Similar to sunlight, some lights have a better effect on growth of green aquatic plants. Others, which have strong penetrability and make fish bright-coloured, are applied for illumination of aquatic landscape and fancy fishes in aquariums.

Our company is a professional manufacturer and supplier of LED aquarium lighting, which includes G1 LED type and G2 LED type. The light sources consist of LEDs from well-known manufacturers. With high brightness and pure color, LED provides ideal illumination effect. Our product has different shapes such as strip, rectangular, and circular and different color covers are available, thus meeting different demands.

As a specialized LED aquarium lighting manufacturer and supplier in China, We also offers 200W waterproof LED plant light, 100W LED aquarium light panel, 300W indoor LED grow light, and more.

Other Products
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