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G1 LED plant light includes 200W waterproof LED type and 300W greenhouse LED type. Light cover of these two types can be black or white. These products have the same AC power supply with voltage ranging from 85V to 265V, so they can be used in any country. The light ratio can be customized for both of the products. With an outer cover, 200W waterproof LED type achieves great performance of water resistance. It is especially suitable for plant cultivation in greenhouses.

Plant light works without driver and cooling fans. Equipped with standard power plug-in connector, the products emit gentle light that won't burn seedlings. They all save a lot of electricity compared with other illumination devices. In addition, they work 10 to 14 hours every day and can basically replace sunlight in terms of promoting plant growth.

We is a professional G1 LED plant light manufacturer, based in China. Our wide range of products includes 45W SMD LED grow light, 300W indoor LED grow light, 75W LED aquarium light & light fixture, and more.

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