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LED light source is known as semiconductor light source. With narrow wavelength, this light source emits ray with specific wavelength thereby controlling light color. The product alone can improve plant varieties efficiently by shining on the plants. The product features low power and high efficiency. Full-spectrum light ray from traditional product includes seven colors. However, what colors plants need are red and blue. Therefore, most of luminous energy of traditional product is wasted, leading to low efficiency. Red light promotes flowering and fruiting while blue one helps plant grow taller. What comes from our product consists of specific red and blue ray, thus saving electricity and improving illumination effect.

Our company is a professional manufacturer and supplier of LED plant lamp, which is characterized by little light decay, large luminous flux, good performance of color rendering and long lifespan of 50,000 hours. Our product runs with low voltage, which assures you to use.

As a China-based LED plant light manufacturer and supplier, our company offers a broad range of products that includes 90W UFO LED aquarium light, 15W LED grow light, 200W waterproof LED plant light, and more.

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