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Advantages of our products

Other manufacturers produce 2W chip through packaging of two pcs 1 watt LED while our company directly uses 3 watt LED. 3 watt LED features a lot of advantages. Luminous Intensity of every LED is 48.7LM when two red light LEDs are connected to 500MA current. With the same 500MA current, luminous Intensity reaches up to 63LM when a single 3 watt LED chip is applied. Connected to the same current, single 3watt LED obtains higher illumination intensity. Single 3watt LED emits less heat than that of two LEDs. Our LED has a lower junction temperature than that of LED used by other suppliers thereby achieving less light decay and longer lifespan. This can be proved by law of conservation of energy.

LED protection
Through months of experiments, we conclude that our product works normally despite of failure of any single LED. A protection circuit is attached to every single LED to ensure high quality of our product. While for product from other suppliers, several power supplies are installed. Every power supply has to drive 24pcs LEDs. Other LEDs stop working when any single LED is broken, which is detrimental to product quality.

Power supply
Our product features high power, constant current and voltage. When the load consists of a few less LEDs, our power supply still provides constant current and voltage to ensure normal performance. The power supply is known as constant flow source. Constant power source is adopted by other companies. When the load changes, which often means that several LEDs are broken, the input current will change. Usually, the current increases, which is harmful to LED service life. Every power socket of our power supply is wired to the grounding earth to guarantee power supply is lightning-proof and surge current-proof. Thanks to soft starting protection, LED won't be damaged by impulse voltage appearing when starting. Protection circuit and LED open protection are available. Input voltage is ranging from 100VAC to 265VAC. Product of other companies is not provided with ground protection and soft starting protection.

For our product, demountable power supply is adopted. Therefore, customers don't have to worry about sending power supply back to us when it is broken. We include several power supplies in the shipment of products. So customers can replace the broken power supply with a good one locally. As a result, usage of the product won't be affected and time is saved.

It is easy for maintenance of LED. Customers can replace LED by unloading cover and heat dissipation panel when there is something wrong with LED or LED is broken due to long time usage. Structure of our product is better than that of product from other manufacturers.